State Fairs are about eating so much food that you hate yourself. So we’ll capture that in State Fair Pinball. :)

SFP has 6 standup targets with yellow lights, as show here:


We will label each of them for a different type of fair food:

  • Corndog
  • Deep fried Twinkie
  • Giant pickle
  • Beer
  • Cotton Candy
  • Funnel Cake

Each hit will be the player consuming one of those food items. We can have fun with them, like a bouns to losen your belt after 20, a drunk mode if you get 6 beers in 2 mins, sugar high if you eat 10 twinkies, cotton candies, and/or funnel cakes in one ball, etc.

The drunk mode can use novelty flippers (maybe selected at random).. inverted, reversed, possibly even delayed (though we should give the player their ball back if we’re too mean). Maybe even a “drunk champion” for the player who spends the most time drunk.

We can also incorporate the amount of food consumed into the bonus.