Skill Shots

State Fair Pinball does not have a mechanical spring plunger, so the skill shot options will need to be based on shots hit.

Regular Skill Shot

Similar to Ghostbusters, the player can use the left and right flippers to “call their shot” for the skill shot. We should make it so that all shots have to be completed before they’re reset so a player doesn’t keep hitting the same shot over and over.

Video-based Skill Shot

Similar to Champion Pub, we can have an option where the player holds down the launch button and then releases when the prize they want is selected. It would be annoying to have this running at the same time as the regular skill shot, so maybe this is used only to launch additional balls in certain modes.

Super Secret Skill Shot

We could add some kind of advanced skill shot where the player’s skill shot prize is doubled (or something) if they immediately hit a combo after hitting the skill shot.