A central concept of State Fair is tickets.

Tickets are used to start many of the game modes (which are midway games and fair attractions that you need tickets to play). Some of the modes let you earn tickets, and some are things you need to spend tickets to do just to play. (Eventually you have to do everything to get to wizard mode.)

The number of tickets a player has at all times will be plainly visible and as obvious as their score. Ideas currently are that it’s either (1) a large 7-segment numeric display in the right rear corner, or (2) an EM-style score reel display in the backbox. (Or both?) We’ll also make it clear on the DMD when tickets are awarded.

The player starts with a certain number of tickets (operator configurable). Something like 4.

You get tickets for all the things you’d expect, like:

  • Skill shot (4 tickets)
  • Super skill shot (1 extra ticket for each target you hit, and 4 extra if you get them all down)
  • Combo (1 ticket for a 2-way combo, then 1 more for each combo chain you add on).

Many of the modes will also award tickets depending on how you do in the mode.

Wristband Mode

One of the prizes in the game will be a “wristband” which gets you unlimited access to the attractions without needing tickets for a certain amount of time. (Something like 30secs of non-mode game play.) So to start the super mode which costs 100 tickets, either earn that many tickets or start it while you have the wristband.

Ticket Bets

Some modes will allow you to wager your tickets. (There’s a horse race mode, for example.) Others will let you bet on skill. e.g. “If you can hit this shot in one flip, you win 50 tickets, but if you miss, you lose 20 tickets. Yes or No?”

Ticket Champion

The number of tickets will go up and down throughout the course of the game as the player wins and spends them. But the game will track how many total tickets the player has earned over the course of the game, and a “TICKET CHAMP” high score category will be tracked.

End of Ball Bonus

The total number of tickets a player has earned will be one of the things that End of Ball Bonus is calculated on.

Ticket Buy-in

There will be an operator setting that enables a special “Buy-in” button on the cabinet that lets you buy more tickets during a game. (Something like 10 tickets for 25 cents)

Game Over

When the game ends, you should be given the opportunity to “buy” something on your way out with your tickets. An extra ball, or play a light & sound show, or the ability to fire the knocker, flash the light, or ring the bell, the ability to impress your friends with fake initial entry, leave them for the next player to “find” somewhere, etc.