Backbox Features

We’d like to do something fun in the backbox versus just having a static translite full of lights. We don’t know what we’ll do exactly, but maybe something like a Scared Stiff style rotating wheel, or EM-style score reels to show the current player’s ticket count.

We also want to add a red rotating light on the backbox (which lights and spins when the player wins one of the midway games), as well as an electric mechanical bell on the side of the backbox.

We’ll keep the DMD / speaker panel the same size, but upgrade the speakers and replace the DMD with a 128x32 dot matrix RGB LED display.


Since State Fair Pinball is a teaching machine, we expect that people might want to build their own, but that they also might not want to include all of the physical components (some of which are complex and/or expensive). So we’ll be sure that the bigger external things (mechanical backbox stuff, etc.) are optional, and we’ll show people how to configure their operator menus to enable/disable things. (In other words, we’ll treat these things like optional mods.)