Playfield Description

While we’d love to completely design State Fair Pinball from scratch, we realize that we’re “software people” and not “mechanical engineering” or “playfield layout” people.

So the State Fair Pinball machine we’re building is a retheme of Bally’s 1994 The Shadow pinball machine.

“Re-theming” means that we take an existing machine and completely strip it down to the bare wood, and then replace all the art with original art. (Sort of like how Stern’s Shrek is a retheme of Family Guy—same mechanical and physical layouts, but completely different games.

Our goal is to make the retheme process as easy as possible, which means keeping the physical changes of the machine to a minimum. Luckily we can use The Shadow almost as is. We’ll have to make some minor changes like replacing the Phurba ramp diverters with State Fair-themed ones, and swapping out the figurines, but everything else pretty much works as is. (The Battlefield is a perfect State Fair shooting gallery!)

We’ll also keep the inserts as they are, including the colored inserts. However we’ll replace the lamps under the clear inserts with RGB LEDs which will give us the option to change their colors. We’ll also replace the rings with RGB LEDs and add more LEDs on the top site of the playfield since state fairs have lots of lights.

Here’s a diagram of the playfield with the lights in the colors they are. The rainbow lights are RGB LEDs: