Basketball (Midway Game)ΒΆ

This is the game where the player has a certain amount of time to make as many baskets as they can. This is a multiball mode. The trough and plunger auto launch can deliver balls to a habitrail which goes down the right side of the machine and has a post which can hold the balls.

When the mode starts, the trough will deliver all the balls to that post to stage them for the player. Balls will be released one at a time (every few secs) to the right flipper.

Any balls drained are put back into play (to the right flipper), and this mode has a multiball ball save timer so the player has a set time of unlimited balls to make as many baskets at they can.

Another option for this mode is that only the lower right flipper is enabled, which means all the player does is shoot for baskets. So this means that balls will drain a lot, which is fine, because they will continue to be delivered to the right flipper. (This is nice because it shows off a flipper novelty mode. This could also be an operator-configurable option which will show off that functionality as well.)

We can use both ramps for this mode, with the diverters oriented (and locked) so the balls are always returned to the right habitrail to be redelivered to the player. The easy (left) ramp can be one ticket per shot, and the rear right ramp can be 2.

Tickets are awarded for each basket made as well as a bonus for hitting a certain number.

This mode uses the display to show remaining time (in seconds), and when it’s less than 10 seconds, it shows the time in tenths of seconds (like basketball shot clocks). We can add sound effects of a ball bouncing off the rim for missed shots.