Color Match (Midway Game)ΒΆ

The two ramps each have player-controlled diverters, and we’ll add an RGB LED to each direction, so we have four RGB LEDs.

Then in this mode, the four major ramp shots are all lit with a different color randomly: red, green, yellow, blue.

Each shot made cycles that shot’s color to the next on one the list. The goal is to try to get all the ramps to be the same color. The “catch” of course if that if the player is getting close and they accidentally hit a shot that was already the color they wanted, that shot will cycle to the next color and they will have to try to get all the shots that color or hit that shot three more times to cycle it to the color they want.

If we really want to be mean, we can make the standups just outside the ramp cycle the colors. Or maybe the slings?

Once you they the shots how they want them, the player can hit another shot to collect (lock in) the combo. Tickets will be awarded depending on how many shots you have that are the same color. Something like:

  • 2 shots match (2 tickets)
  • 3 shots match (4 tickets)
  • 4 shots match (8 tickets)